Are you putting your home on the market? Would you like a smooth sale and closing? Want to get top dollar? If these items are important to you, hire a home inspector first to enjoy the benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

Pre-listing Inspections are Useful Tools

For a seller, there are benefits to ordering a pre-listing inspection because it is objective and impersonal. The inspection provides useful information that helps in closing a sale at the best possible price for the seller. When you are well-informed about your property, you have a stronger position in the sales process.

Benefits Of A Pre-Listing Inspection

Understanding the Appeal of Your Property

It is important to understand how your property appears to potential buyers. It’s difficult to be objective about your own residence and its appearance. Over time you cease to notice that the cabinet door gets stuck, the hallway flooring squeaks, or the bathroom faucet drips.

What a seller is comfortable with is not necessarily something that a buyer also finds acceptable. The benefit of a pre-listing inspection is that, as the seller, you get a better understanding of a potential buyer’s point of view.

Fewer Surprises

When a seller has their own inspection report, there are fewer surprises when the buyer’s inspection is completed. The inspector looks for problems and defects to give you a more complete understanding of the condition of your home. You can make repairs and improvements to prepare your home for listing and for the buyer’s inspection.

Prioritize Projects with a Pre-listing Inspection

With a pre-listing inspection report in hand, the seller can determine the priorities of projects, repairs, and improvements to be completed prior to listing. A benefit of a pre-listing inspection report is that it can help the seller decide on the best areas and projects to invest time and money.

Realistic Listing Price

A pre-listing inspection helps you get the best possible price for your property. The information you get from the inspection report will help you price your property fairly based on it’s condition. You will also be prepared for a potential buyer using issues with the property as a bargaining tool.

Save Time at Closing

A benefit of ordering a home inspection before putting your home on the market is that it may save time at closing. If an offer is contingent upon the seller paying for a property inspection, that will have been completed. There will be no need to wait for an inspector to come to the property and issue a report.

Order a Pre-listing Inspection for a Smoother Real Estate Transaction

These five reasons to have a pre-listing inspection all work to the seller’s advantage. The seller knows the actual condition of the property and will not be surprised with any requests for repairs or price reduction. A pre-listing report also gives the buyer more confidence in the transaction, knowing that any defects and damages are already noted.

Mid Michigan Home Pros offers pre-listing home inspections in Lansing, Jackson, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Before putting your home on the market, contact us to schedule an appointment.